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Last 10 paid projections

Date Country Games Odds Picks Score Result
21.12.2014  Italy Italy Inter Milan VS Lazio 2.10 both teams 2:2 win
21.12.2014  Spain Spain Ath Bilbao VS Atl. Madrid 1.8 both teams 1:4 win
20.12.2014  England England Aston Villa VS Manchester Utd 1.8 both teams 1:1 win
20.12.2014  Italy Italy AS Roma VS AC Milan 1.8 both teams 0:0 lost
18.12.2014  Italy Italy Cagliari VS Juventus -1.5 Juventus 1:3 win
18.12.2014  Italy Italy Napoli VS Parma -1/1.5 Napoli 2:0 win
17.12.2014  Germany Germany Dortmund VS Wolfsburg +0.5 Wolfsburg 2:2 win
17.12.2014  England England Tottenham VS Newcastle +0.5 Newcastle 4:0 lost
16.12.2014  Germany Germany Bayer Munich VS Fraiburg -2 Bayern Munich 2:0 draw
16.12.2014  England England Derby VS Chelsea -1 Chelsea 1:3 win


Date Country Games Odds Picks Score Result
21.12.2014  England England Liverpool VS Arsenal -0 Arsenal 2:2 draw

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