Do you have any questions on the work of our service? 
Please read below, we have compiled a list of frequently 
common questions our customers and visitors. 
1. How do I get a forecast? 
ou will receive a forecast to your e-mail, is also possible to overlap the projection SMS 
2. Where can I get a forecast? 
Outlook, you will receive 2 hours prior to the start of the match. In most cases, we will send 
forecasts for 3-5chasov before the start of the match 
3. How do I pay my predictions? 
For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment methods. All of them are automated. 
At the appropriate page of our website, you can choose the most convenient and profitable for you method of payment. 
After selecting a payment you make payment directly to himself. Depending on the chosen method of payment, the money come 
at our expense on average of 1 minute (WebMoney) and up to several hours (payment card).
4. When deducted from my account bought the forecasts?

Only in one case, namely, when our forecast was correct. 
5. You have given the price in USD, but I want to pay in EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH, and so on. 
You need to contact us and specify the rate at which we are currently able to accept your currency. 
Typically, this course of central banks at the time of payment.


6. Can you advise where I can raise rates without the risk of being cheated? 

We encourage our customers to play on There are several reasons. 
 a) Reliable and proven service. 
 b) Always timely payments. 
 c) It is very advantageous bonus program for new customers. 
 If you want to register at and get bonuses from 
 20 euros and over 2000 euros, go to this link and register with our code.

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